The middle rib design polyurethane insulated doors are manufactured
from high quality door panels that
have high tensile strength steel and high
density foam. The combination of 40 mm
of polyurethane insulation and integrated
rubber weather seals between panels provides
maximum thermal insulation. The rubber seal
between the panels prevent wind infiltration.
Cold or hot air wind infiltration will eliminate
the benefits of the best insulated door!
Finger-protection panel system
Panels have a patented finger-protection
system. The design includes both the panel
joint and hinge system. It meets all European
norms for safety.
Side weatherseals are installed on the door’s
track system.
Top and bottom weatherseals are installed into
aluminum profiles installed to the door..
Woodgrain or Stucco embossment
Woodgrain embossment is the traditional steel
finish for garage doors. Stucco embossment
is a new alternative steel finish for garage
doors. Both types of embossments hide small
scratches and resists water marks from rain.
Insulation: Polyurethane 40 mm
Panel thickness: 40 mm
Standard door dimensions:
Standard door width: 6000 mm
Standard door height: 2500 mm
Special order dimensions:
This model is available in industrial door
dimensions up to 7500 mm wide and many
door heights up to 5000 mm.